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McLaughlin Garden

Hosta Leaves B&W, originally uploaded by Roadduck99.

I attended a Capturing Maine meetup at McLaughlin Garden in South Paris, Maine today. It was a fun time, with nine or ten of us in total.

Photographers from the Capturing Maine meetup group line up a photo opp.

The garden is famous for its lilacs, but those were a bit past peak. There are tons of flowers currently in bloom, including rhododendrons, globe flowers, forget-me-nots (everywhere), columbines, and the elusive Jack in the Pulpit.  There is a lot of interesting foliage among all the flowers.  Read more about it at Examiner.

Lenten Rose in bloom

Siberian Iris foliage

We also met the new Director, Ruth Copeland. She is an accomplished photographer in her own right.

These gardens were open to the public when they Bernard McLaughlin’s private garden. But I never really knew about them back then, even though South Paris is my home town. I’ve visited a couple of times in recent years. It’s a great place for photos, and a terrific excuse to go home and visit family.