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Shooting with Film

A photo of photos, originally uploaded by Roadduck99.

I acquired my first DSLR camera for Christmas of 2010. It’s a Sony a230, which is an entry-level DSLR. I bought it* refurbished (though barely used) because it was inexpensive compared to the comparable Nikon and Canon Models. I also bought it because the Sony Alphas are compatible with old Minolta autofocus lenses, meaning I could save some money in building out my lens collection.

(* Yes, it was a “gift,” but my wife was kind enough to select what I wanted, because she doesn’t know much about cameras. Plus it was mostly my own money.)

A few months later my friend Cathy decided that she was done with her 35mm SLR camera, and she was going to sell it at a yard sale. She said that she thought the lenses were compatible with some digital cameras, and I informed her that indeed they were. In fact they were compatible with my Sony. She offered to give me the lenses, under the condition that I take her camera, too. (And a bunch of other stuff, like a flash and some film.)

I naturally agreed to these terms, and became the proud owner of a Minolta Maxxum 5, which is pretty advanced for the pre-digital age. This camera has many of the settings of my Sony (indeed, Sony purchased Minolta a few years back), though I didn’t know how to navigate them through the first roll. The biggest challenge was getting used to the fact that the photo wasn’t going to appear immediately on the back of the camera body. I would have to wait.

It took me several months to expose the first roll, and I just got it back the other day. Opening the package felt like tearing into a pack of baseball cards. I had no idea what I would find inside.

Though there were some exposure problems – which I fully expected, given that I went out shooting instead of reading the owner’s manual – I got a handful of decent photos, too. I’ve taken a lot of close-ups, mostly flowers, but a few seascapes, too. I’ve included a sampling with this post.

I started out the second roll with another of my favorite subjects, the moon. Because this can’t be done well on the “auto” settings, I took the time to learn how to use the camera. I’m excited to work through the second roll, now, and see what I’ve got.

Rosa multiflora

Hull's Cove, Bar Harbor, Maine

Frenchman's Bay, Bar Harbor, Maine


Spring Begins


Sunbathing, originally uploaded by Roadduck99.

The Earth’s continuous circuit of the Sun has brought us once again to the Vernal Equinox. Spring has begun, and though winter still has a thing or two left to offer – it’s snowing in Southern Maine as I write this – nature is starting another cycle. Sure signs of warm weather to come: the robins are hopping around the lawn looking for worms, and in warm patches of earth, the crocuses have appeared.

Flowers on the South-facing side of the Bank of America building in Brunswick always seem to be a week or two ahead of their brethren elsewhere. So it is with these crocuses, which are in full bloom while snow still covers my flower gardens. The daffodils and tulips are surely not far behind.


Foggy Bridge, originally uploaded by Roadduck99.

Today is a gray day. The photo above was taken a year ago, but it might as well have been taken today. And since I am (sort of) between cameras at the moment, I don’t have anything new to post.

I work on the fourth (top) floor of a big old mill building in Brunswick, Maine. I have a wonderful view out my office window, and have been inspired to take many photos of the scene. I haven’t been lucky or skilled enough to get a photo of the bald eagles that sometimes fly overhead, or the sturgeon jumping down stream during the spring. What I have been able to photograph is the ever-changing light and weather. Here is a sampler.

Moonrise over the River

Panoramic view of the dam, bridge and river.

Golden Hour light casting shadows on the Sea Dog Brewery

When the new cameras are up and running, I will happily take more pictures of the view out my office window.

More from Portland Head Light

Portland Head Light Redux, originally uploaded by Roadduck99.

Just a couple more from Saturday’s photo meetup. I haven’t taken any pictures since then. Busy. But the new camera is on it’s way – I’m happy about that!

Ram Island Light

Light Tower

See other group photos at Capturing Maine, Maine Photography Meetup, an East Coast Photography.

More Photos about Death and Transformation

Davis Cemetery, originally uploaded by Roadduck99.

I set out yesterday to shoot more golden leaves. The Cousins River Marsh on the border between Freeport and Yarmouth has some tremendous foliage and beautiful marsh grasses, and I was hoping to get some photos of that. Alas, I couldn’t figure out how to get to a place where I could shoot. The Interstate has a beautiful view, but stopping there didn’t seem prudent.

I did find a nice old cemetery while I was looking. I went down the bank behind it to get to the marsh, but the views there weren’t the same, and I didn’t have the time or the proper footwear to go mucking about to get better views. So I took some shots in the cemetery instead. There are lots of leaning stones, and a few that have toppled and started to be swallowed by the earth, so it was tough to get a photo with many markers in it.  Even the cemetery has a life cycle, it appears.


I was taking photos of leaves using the macro setting on my camera. I decided to try a shot using the macro setting but with nothing to focus on. I liked the result below. We call this “bokeh.”


Maine Street

Maine Street, originally uploaded by Roadduck99.

I’ve decided to set up a new blog, with which I can share some thoughts related to photos I have taken. I love photography, and I love writing, and I look forward to marrying these two passions of mine.

This is a photo of the Little Dog Cafe on Maine Street in Brunswick, Maine, taken on October 13, 2010. I messed around with it in iPhoto to give it a vintage look. I have a hard time leaving black and white photos as black and white.

The picture at the top of this blog is a Panoramic of the Androscoggin River at sunrise, taken from the Topsham connector bridge.

I plan to post at least once a week. I hope that I can keep it up. My other blogging endeavors have petered out in recent years.

If you see this and want to leave a comment, I welcome that.