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In Tight

808846, originally uploaded by Roadduck99.

On Saturday, I joined other members of the First Light Camera Club on a photo field trip to Fort Andross, home of Cabot Mill Antiques and the Brunswick winter farmer’s market.

Most of my photos from the event are super isolated macros. I think the nature of these venues necessitated this approach. The antique mall is so filled with stuff, and the farmer’s market so filled with people, that wider views are too cluttered. So they are all up close – a mannequins hand, a bit of a trumpet, a close up of some beans.

This approach dovetails with my current approach to writing – my long-term approach as well. In my class, we talked about letting the work stand on its own rather than think about outside forces, i.e. the audience. In a different vein, Anne Lamott in her book “Bird by Bird” talks about looking through a one-inch window and describing what you see.

This isn’t meant to be “Joe’s Writing Blog,” though writing is a part of my original vision for this space. I’ll be moving back to more photo-centric posts in the near future. At the moment I am happy with my ability to focus closely on the tasks at hand.


Fort Andross

Ft. Andross at Twilight 2, originally uploaded by Roadduck99.

I work in an old mill building in Brunswick, Maine. Once known as the Cabot Mill and home to a textile factory, it is now named after a military installation that once sat on this site, Fort Andross. It’s an enormous building, with several wings and countless nooks and crannies, and it dominates the North side of Maine Street.

It’s a photographic wonderland, inside and out, with fascinating light:

Window light on storage units

Out-of-the-way hiding places:

Fort Andross Courtyard

And remnants of the building’s history:

Calendar from days past.

I posted a couple other photos from this building in my prior post Exclusion.

As the days have grown short and the air has chilled, I have found it a treat to have ready access to such a terrific subject.


Window out of reach

As an aftermath to the abstraction post, I found the above image while I was walking the halls of Fort Andross in Brunswick. This is simply a shot through a frosted door window into a room lit by sunlight through the window. To me it evokes the image of being caged, or at least being kept out by a fence. The light, the window, is within view, but the viewer can’t reach it because of the fence.

Which is literally the case here – I am kept away from the window by the door. But I am not trapped in any way, of course, as I am free to move about the building.

Not completely free, however. In my travels I came across a big, dark, empty room. Light streamed through a window and created interesting shadows from the pillars within. The door to this room was wide open, nothing to stop me from going in, yet I stayed outside. I’m sure the room was safe, but it didn’t feel like a place that I could enter without permission. In this case, the fence was all in my mind.


A vacant room in Fort Andross