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Honey Bear: #94, originally uploaded by Roadduck99.

I’ve entered into a couple of new projects for 2011, to mix things into all the sunrises and keep the creative juices flowing. One of these new things is joining a challenge group on Flickr called “Take Aim.”
Every two weeks, two new challenges are issued. Photographers have a little over a week to come up with up to two entries for the challenge, then there are a few days for votes. The winners issue the next challenge.
I took a bunch of photos of a honey bear for the “Keep it Local” challenge. This challenge acknowledges that not everybody, especially those of us in colder climates, is getting outside during the winter to take a lot of photos. So the idea is to take shots of something close by – in your house or office, or any place you find yourself on a regular basis. Hopefully you’ll try an interesting new interpretation of the object.
This photo that I took of the honey bear fit well into this week’s second challenge: “Look into my eyes.”

Gaze deep into the honey bear eyes.

The photo below was take for the previous “Cold Cold Winter” challenge. For this shot, I waded through four feet of snow in the Pines Cemetery in Brunswick to capture the stones nearly – or in some cases, completely – covered over. I titled this one “Buried Again,” though a friend suggested “Ten Feet Under.”

Brunswick grave stones endure four feet of snow

I find the challenges to be a good way for me to think about getting away from comfort of the tried-and-true. The give me a reason learn new techniques and more about how my camera works. All of which will make me a better photographer.


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