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Against the Grain

Against the Grain, originally uploaded by Roadduck99.

In taking photos, I like to occasionally incorporate an element of the unexpected into the composition. Perhaps taking a slightly different interpretation of a subject, or including something that doesn’t quite fit in with the main focus of the shot.

It’s a perspective that I’m comfortable with, as I’ve always thought of myself as being a bit off from from from the norm. It amuses me to turn around a phrase – “the lights aren’t on, but someone’s home” – to confuse the obvious. I enjoy very private jokes.

One domino faces west

As such, the theme of deviation from the norm usually isn’t as overt as it is in these photographs. One domino is facing in the opposite direction from the rest. There is purpose behind this as well. As much as this domino is trying to show it’s individualism, it’s quite obvious that it is only subtly different from the rest. You have to study it’s dots to see that it is not like all the others.

Dominoes play with light and shadow

I took these shots in answer to a challenge to take abstract photos. The dominoes are terrific photography subjects. Their smooth lines are very pleasing to the eye and accept light well, and their uniformity lends itself to abstract interpretation. I enjoyed allowing one to show its colors in most of the shots. Even though the individuals were randomly selected.


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