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New Lens

Beercan up close: #39, originally uploaded by Roadduck99.

The other day I acquired second (third? fourth?)-hand a Minolta Maxxum AF Zoom 75-300 mm 4.5-5.6 lens, aka the “Big Beercan.” This thing is a beast, made of metal and probably could double as a dumbbell.

This lens fills a great need for zoom, as the 18-55 mm kit lens only provides about 3x zoom. It’s also a macro lens, which will be nice for photographing birds at the bird feeder. (Or on the fence, as the case may be.)

It’s not the speediest lens with maximum f5.6 at full zoom. I tested it out at the Mt. Ararat vs. Lewiston vs. St. Dom swim meet at the Bowdoin pool on Friday night. The Sony exhibits some graininess at high ISO. But I’m OK with this, as I didn’t buy either the camera or the lens with sports photography in mind. Other than baseball, I suppose.

I had a moment of fear when my camera strap gave way under the weight of the lens, but fortunately I had a hood and a UV filter on the lens.  The UV filter was lost, and the lens got a couple of dings, but all is working properly.


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