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More from the New Camera


Dead Flowers, originally uploaded by Roadduck99.

I haven’t had a chance to get outside and try shooting landscapes or sunsets yet with the new camera. Instead, I have been taking photos at family holiday gatherings and testing the close-up capabilities of the 18-55 mm lens. This isn’t a macro lens, nor does it have a particularly wide aperture, but I have found that it can provide a very satisfactory shallow depth of field, especially compared to my old Canon P&S.

The photo above was taken at the long end of the lens (55 mm), as I didn’t want to get too close and cast shadows upon my subject. And the aperture of f/6.3 isn’t particularly wide, yet still provides nice bokeh on the background flowers.

I was teased a bit by my flickr contacts for using autofocus on this shot. Rightly so, because the AF really couldn’t read my mind and didn’t want to focus on these buds. (Once the correct light on the lens came on, I fired.) So I promised that I would use manual focus on future close ups. Thus, the one below of our Christmas Cactus was shot using manual focus.

Christmas Cactus Bud

It’s all a terrific learning experience right now, and my lens wish list is growing fairly rapidly. It’s very gratifying to be able to visualize a photo and have the camera be able to pull it off. Thank you, Santa!


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