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Window out of reach

As an aftermath to the abstraction post, I found the above image while I was walking the halls of Fort Andross in Brunswick. This is simply a shot through a frosted door window into a room lit by sunlight through the window. To me it evokes the image of being caged, or at least being kept out by a fence. The light, the window, is within view, but the viewer can’t reach it because of the fence.

Which is literally the case here – I am kept away from the window by the door. But I am not trapped in any way, of course, as I am free to move about the building.

Not completely free, however. In my travels I came across a big, dark, empty room. Light streamed through a window and created interesting shadows from the pillars within. The door to this room was wide open, nothing to stop me from going in, yet I stayed outside. I’m sure the room was safe, but it didn’t feel like a place that I could enter without permission. In this case, the fence was all in my mind.


A vacant room in Fort Andross



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