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Blow Out, originally uploaded by Roadduck99.

Although I like the concept, I don’t have a lot of success with abstract photos. I tend to only shoot what I can see (as opposed to what I can visualize), and I don’t “see” in the abstract. Many abstracts that I see posted on the Internet are the result of a fair amount of manipulation, and that’s not really my thing.

Not that I am adverse to excessive processing, mind you. The photo above certainly looks to be heavily processed. Truth be told, however, much of what you see there is an accident of photography. This is a little pitcher, obviously with the sun behind it. Whatever settings I had on the camera at the time couldn’t handle the sun, and the result was a heavy loss of resolution. I tweaked the contrast and exposure levels a bit, and made it sepia, but this isn’t that far removed from the way the camera recorded it.

Other abstractions that I have posted are more true-to-life looking. Sometimes I see patterns in objects that I think would make a cool abstract image:


Canopy - taken at Pineland Farms in New Gloucester, ME.


Seats at Camden Yards, Baltimore, MD.

Whereas other times I see an interplay of light that can be made abstract due to the angle or crop presented:

Knobs 1 - Cropped version

Guitar Knobs from a Fender Toronado

B&N Smokestack

Smokestack inside Barnes & Noble, Baltimore's Inner Harbor

I try more abstracts than I end up being successful with, but trying is a part of learning. And the occasional satisfactory image makes the effort worthwhile.


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